UYICOO Feeding Tongs Stainless Steel Forceps Set for Snakes,Spider, Lizards, Gecko, Reptile – 2 Pcs 15″ Long Tweezer and 1 Pcs 10.6″ Tweezer (Black)

Price: $11.99
(as of Jan 26,2022 10:59:58 UTC – Details)

Package Including:
1 pcs 15” straight tip nipper
1 pcs 15” curved serrated forcep
1 pcs 10.5” straight tip nipper
High-quality materials: thick stainless steel long tweezers, the surface is treated with a good carbonized protective coating, durable, corrosion-resistant, and practical.
Safety: finely polished, the handle is round and does not hurt your hands. The tip round head design will not harm your aquarium water plants, fish pets or reptile pets, helping to prevent accidental oral injuries to pets, safe and easy to use.
Non-slip design: Equipped with 3 pliers, straight pliers and curing pliers have serrated tips, which can help to hold things firmly without slipping. It is an excellent tool for various aquarium plants, substrates, gravel, corals, aquatic pets, fish, bearded dragons, lizard feeding tongs and other decorations.
Cost-effective tweezers set: 1 Pcs 15” Straight Tweezer, 1 Pcs 15” Curved Tweezer, 1 Pcs 10.6” Straight Tweezer. Three specifications of tweezers are suitable for various scenarios.
Special feeding forceps: 1 pcs 15” straight tip nipper, 1 pcs 15” curved serrated forcep and 1 pcs 10.5” straight tip nipper, suitable for all kinds of reptiles, such as chameleons, geckos, snakes, spiders, frogs, Bearded dragon, crested gecko, tortoise, iguana, leopard gecko, lizard, tortoise, ball python, tarantula, Savannah, etc.

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