LNIMI Tuning Fork 528C 528HZ Tuner with Mallet Set for DNA Repair Healing Nervous System Testing Tuning Fork Health Care

Price: $10.81
(as of Jan 29,2022 00:50:08 UTC – Details)

WARM TIPS – Our tuning fork is 528 , which is more more standard than 528 C ! So if you are finding a standard 528 tuning fork ,don’t you choose us ?
advantage:528 Hz tuning fork part of Solfeggio Tuning Fork for Healing,Helps to reduce stress. Can relieve joint pain and stiffness,Reduces inflammation, meditation and relaxation.
CURE DEPARTMENT – Love signal tuning fork is thought to transform and repair DNA can activate the pineal gland and expand our consciousness , it is a soft and pure tones , these 528hz tuning forks give you a pure & beautiful tone when you use the Hammer Tapping lightly

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