GemonExe Universal 2in1 Stroller Ride Board with Detachable Seat,Stroller Glider Board Suitable for Most Brands of Strollers, Holds Children Up to 55lbs

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Product Description


GemonExe 2in1 Stroller Ride Board with Detachable Seat

As parent of two children, it was a very happy thing to take the children out to play(the imaginary scene: I pushed the younger child, and the older child walked with me, what a harmonious scene). But at this time, the older children told me: Mom, my legs are sore and tired. I felt sour in my heart. I suddenly felt my love for children, tilting towards the younger children like a balance, and ignoring the thoughts of older children. What should I do now? I am also tired. If I hold an older child, my body will not be able to bear it.

GemonExe give me a better choice!

I immediately unpacked, installed it on the stroller in 30 seconds according to the instructions,and adjusted the angle of adaptation according to the height of my stroller,which was incredible. The older child said: Mom, can I sit on the Stroller Board first? When we go back, I will stand on Stroller Board.



细节2 座椅

细节2 座椅



360° Steering Design

Easily cross potholes on the road

Soft and Safety cushion designed according to ergonomics

Non-slip Stroller Glider Board

Oversized:Wide 13in,Long 10in







Maximum load is 55 pounds

The force is uniform and diverges outward

Three expansion angles

Flexibly suitable for strollers

Removable Stroller Ride Board

Kids can stand and sit


UNIVERSAL STROLLER BOARD(For example:joggers, prams, and umbrella strollers.)


Installation instructions:

In order not to shake, Make sure that the pole is stretched to the most appropriate length, and then close the top of the connecting rod against the stroller. Only then can it be bound with Velcro, otherwise it will shake. (refer to the video in the link). The Velcro attachment is for reinforcement rather than connection.

If the connecting rod and the stroller are not closely attached to each other when binding, so that the middle of the rod and the stroller becomes a Velcro connection, at this time, it will definitely shake back and forth.


✅【STAND&SIT DUAL PURPOSE】:Toddlers may be indecisive, but our stroller board attachment is specially engineered to meet their every whim! The seat is detachable with an easy off and on, so kids can choose whether they prefer to ride in a seated or standing position.
✅【Major improvement】In order to match with different styles of strollers, we have made significant improvements, which are reflected in three aspects: 1. Use super Velcro connection 2. Use rotary buttons to adjust the horizontal angle of the pedal to adapt to strollers of different heights 3. The two connecting rods can choose to reduce or expand the distance according to the width of different strollers, the maximum distance is 13in.(If the Velcro can be tied, the connection can be stabilized)
✅【Robust Reliability】: The pedal has a non-slip design;The seat has durable soft cushions.Strong, sturdy and expertly designed, our state-of-the-art stroller ride-on board safely holds children up to 60lbs! They accommodate young children as they grow, and since each features a smooth wheel, everyone enjoys a comfortable ride.
✅【Stroll with Multiple Children】: Whether you’re running errands or enjoying a leisurely walk, our stroller toddler board clicks on to the back of you stroller so you can bring an older child along for the ride! They’ll love getting their own seat, and you’ll love being able to keep an eye on your whole family.

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