DUTUI Ear Wax Removal Tool with an Ear Cleaning Camera, Ear Cleaner, 10 Megapixel HD Ear Wax Removal with Camera, Tweezers

Price: $152.00
(as of Jan 19,2022 20:09:43 UTC – Details)

Product parameter
Working temperature: -10~50℃
Product name: Smart Ear Picking Stick
Battery: 300mAh lithium battery
Full battery working time: about 70 minutes
Pole weight: 128g
Charging time: 1 hour
Antenna: Built-in FPC antenna
Rated power: 1.5W
Image transfer rate: 20fps
Pixels: tens of millions
Lens diameter: 3.7mm
Gyroscope: 6 axis
Best focal length: 1.5-2cm

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[Latest Ear Wax Remover] Ear Wax Removal Kit, a modern smart ear pick, with a comprehensive upgrade of technology, is the perfect solution for removing ear wax. Safe ear cleaner, soft silicone ear spoon, built-in non-heating intelligent control, simulating human body temperature, gently care for your health.
[Security HD Otoscope Camera] This earwax removal camera has a 10 megapixel HD endoscope, a 360° wide-angle professional lens, a 6-axis gyroscope, 5 LED cold lights, and the latest customized wifi chip to provide high-quality real-time images To the mobile phone, multi-function wireless otoscope, convenient for daily inspection of ear, nose, mouth, throat and other health conditions. It is an essential tool for family health.
[Tweezers mode] The revolution of the new mechanical tweezers, through the app remote tweezers mode, the tweezers head is covered with rubber, the opening and closing protection system, dealing with complex foreign bodies in the ear canal, ear picking mode, shovel ear cleaning, 3 kinds of elastic ear picks, 4 colors Parent-child not easy to mix and use more hygienic. This earwax remover kit is suitable for oily and dry ears.
[Magnetic base long standby] The otoscope comes with a magnetic replacement stand. The magnetic charging base of tape-c is combined with accessory storage, which is simple and convenient to carry and store. Bird earwax removal tool, built-in high-quality rechargeable 300mAh battery, can work continuously for about 70 minutes or standby for 60 days. We will no longer have to worry about frequent charging.
[Smart and convenient] Portable smart visual ear wash pen, ear wash with camera is compatible with all mobile phone systems, ear endoscope, software supports left and right ear mode, ear pick mode, tweezers mode, you can take pictures and video recording during use Throughout the process, photos and videos are saved and sent to healthcare professionals for quick and easy consultation.

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