Cumkluu 816 Pcs Safety Eyes for Crochet 6-30mm Plastic Colorful Safety Eyes for Amigurumi with Washers Black Stuffed Animal Eyes for Crafts Teddy Bear, 20220527

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🎉Great assortment🎉 The package contains 408pcs safety eyes for amigurumi and washers, black safety eyes are (6mm 100pcs, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm each 50pcs, 16mm, 20mm each 10pcs, 24mm, 30mm each 4pcs) and 10mm color safety eyes each 16pcs(🌈five colors). Abundant and affordable, these are perfect for those who make a lot of amigurumi.
🎉Pretty eyes🎉 Safety eyes for crochet are made of high quality plastic. The excellent polished surface makes the crochet eyes more divine and vitality. Our craft eyes are not only black, but also light gray, red, green, blue, and brown. Different colors of plastic safety eyes make handicrafts more beautiful.
🎉Value for Money🎉The toys eyes are the best accessory for all kinds of handmade. We’ve also gifted you a needle, it can be used to make holes, mark.Bright eyes are suitable for many crafts, such as plush toys, crochet dolls, needle felt dolls, puppet dolls, animal dolls, festive elements dolls and decorations(Halloween, Christmas, etc.) .We have many types of sizes,if your handicraft eyes are missing, ours are great replacements.
🎉Works simple🎉Just pass the safety eyes through where you want to put it, then fix it with a suitable washers. After installation, it is very firm and will not fall off easily during use. If there are children at home, the risk of accidental ingestion by children can be reduced. In addition, the safety eyes are neatly placed in the box, which is more convenient to use.
🎉Notes🎉 Since the crafts safety eyes are uniformly made by the machine, if there are defects near it, you can use a tool to gently scrape them off. In addition, the stuffed animal eyes and washers of the crochet hook are very small, and parents should accompany children when using them to avoid accidental ingestion.


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