Colzer Ultra Quiet Essential Oil Air Purifier for Home Bedroom 3000 Sq.Ft/s Purify Fresh Air, Quickly Captures Pet Dander, Odor or Smoke Eliminator with 360°HEPA Activated Carbon Filter, Wifi Control Model KJ580

Price: $329.99 - $269.00
(as of Jan 26,2022 11:41:09 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Essential Oil Air Purifier for Clean the Air Fresh 3000 Sq.Ft/s (Essential Oil not included)


COLZER Model KJ580 is a Essential Oil Air Purifier for Home Large Rooms, with 360°Cylindrical Combination Filter to Purify the air fresh. Wifi turn on the Air Purifier or Wifi turn off Air Purifier without getting out of bed.

About the Air Purifier Filter:

360°Cylindrical Combination Filter included H13 HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter.

1.With True H13 HEPA Filter to Captures pet dander.

2.Activated Carbon Filter Captures Pet Bad Smells.

High CADR air purifier for large roomHigh CADR air purifier for large room

What choose the Model KJ580 Air Purifier?

Ultra Quiet & Quickly Purify Fresh Air

Model KJ580 Air Purifier Featured unique 3-sides air-intake design at high CADR of 342 CFM, 360° HEPA Filter Quickly Purify Air to Fresh in 3000 Sq.Ft/s. If you use in the night, the quiet sleep mode will not disturb you all the night.

Aromatherapy Function

With Oil Storage Box, you can drip the essential oil into the box. Then the Air Purifier will provide a good smell while purifying the air in your room.

H13 HEPA Filter & Active Carbon Filter

1. The true H13 HEPA filter removes ultrafine particles.

2. The active carbon filter absorbs unpleasant smells and gases.

Note: The HEPA filter and the active carbon filter are combined into 1 for replacement convenience.

Features 342 CFM High CADR 3-sides Air-intake Design 360° HEPA Filter Wifi APP Remote Control Aromatherapy Function PM 2.5 Advanced Air Quality Display 2 Staged HEPA Filters Stylish Appearance

WiFi Air PurifierWiFi Air Purifier

Wifi APP Control Air Purifier

Monitor air quality and adjust settings remotely from the Smart Life app from anywhere, anytime.

Functions include:

· Real-time Air Quality Updates

· Fan Speeds: Auto, 1, 2, 3, 4

· Sleep Mode

· Timer: 1-12 hrs

· Child Lock


3-layer Filtration System for Wide Application

The 360° composite filter filters out a wide range of pollutants for superior, long-lasting performance.

KJ580 KJ580 Filter Replacement

Recommended filter change
3-6 Months 3-6 Months

342 CFM

Room Size
Up to 3000 sq ft

28dB Ultra Quiet Air Purifier for Home Bedroom: Under the sleep mode, Air Purifier will purify the air at 28db, it will not disturb your sleeping in the bedroom. 60W Rated power will help you save much energy. Please search ASIN on Amazon: B08HSCF92B for the replacement filter
Essential Oil Air Purifier: With Oil Storage Box, you can drip the essential oil into the box. Then the Air Purifier will provide a good smell while purifying the air in your room. The air purifier has undergone rigorous quality testing and meets stringent requirements. Have FCC certification, ETL certification and CARB certification
Air Purifier for Home Large Room: Model KJ580 Air Purifier Purify the room air 3000 Sq.Ft Per Second. 342CFM (CADR) Air Purifier provides high-efficiency air Freshening, Captures the dust, purify bad smell, perfect for home large rooms and offices
360°HEPA Filter: Air Purifier with 360°Composite Filters which includes HEPA Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter to eliminates odors while purifying the air. Efficiently captures pet dander, dust and fiber particles from the air to 99.9% like hair with the filter cover. You can directly to check the air quality standard PM2.5 on the screen show
PM2.5 Real-time Display and Modes: When power is on, you can see the temperature, humidity, and real-time filter life to replace new filters. In addition, you can choose the fan speeds mode, sleep mode, 12 timers mode, wifi mode as you need. Real-time color display depending on the air quality to tell air healthy or bad. Whatever, air purifier will work until the display show PM2.5

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